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Zaidi traders believes in quality and customer care hence we excel in compounding high quality extemporaneous products for dermatological use prepared by qualified pharmacists.We have a clean and hygienic area dedicated exclusively for Compounding. Compounding is done according to Good compounding practices, official standards, relevant scientific data & information. We are involved in compounding and dispensing of the below mentioned products in a highly clean environment.

1. Calamine lotion

Used as a soothing protectant,heat rash and antiseptic agent.

2. 0.2% GTN ointment

Used for treatment of anal fissures

3. 0.5%GTN ointment

Usedfor treatment of anal fissures

4. K-Lyte syrup

For dehydration and Hypokalemia

5. Clobivate ointment 35%

Used for relief from inflammation

6. Dermovate ointment

Used for psoriasis (patch of abnormal skin) and eczema (rough skin with inflamed blisters)

7. Zinc Oxide paste

Used to prevent minor skin irritation, burns, cuts, diaper rash

8. 50/50 cream

Used for eczema



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