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The medicines which we are dealing with fall in two categories for their storage:

1. Room Temperature Medicines
2. Cool Chain Medicines.
Complete protocol for the packaging of cool chain products is followed.

Cool chain products are supplied in thermo pore box packed with ice plates, in this way temperature of the product is properly maintained for 24 hours.
Temperature is strictly controlled between 15-30ºC in ware houses. The medicines stored at room temperature also require care in following aspects:

1. Protection from sunlight
2. Humidity Control

Here, at Zaidi Traders medicines even at room temperature are properly maintained regarding their storage conditions. i.e.

1. Away from Sunlight

2. Humidity is properly controlled (should not be more than 40%) and in case of increased humidity we have air conditioners to control it.

3. Hence each and every protocol regarding the storage of drugs is followed so that the efficacy and safety of drug would not suffer.
1. The temperature is strictly monitored and controlled between 2-8 ºC.

2. The temperature readings are noted after every 1 hour.

3. A slight deviation in the temperature is alarming.

4. We have proper backup system in case of non availability of electricity which is controlled by UPS + Solar System that gives backup time of more
than 16 hours.

5. Our refrigerators are strictly confined for medicines only, no eatables or any other thing
could be found.

6. Medicines inside the shelves of refrigerator are placed in a way that they do not touch the walls; otherwise the packing may be destroyed.

7. The lowest possible time is taken to take the medicines out of refrigerator otherwise the temperature inside may suffer.

8. Cleaning around the refrigerator area is carefully done to prevent even a slight change in the position of thermostat.

9. Refrigerator in our ware house is placed in such a way that the compressor can easily release its air.

10. Refrigerator and thermometer are calibrated.



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